CNN is Reduced to Reporting on Obama’s “Jeans Game”

Even amidst a huge scandal, and their almost certain impending demise, CNN is still cranking out “news.”
With their credibility in question, CNN can no longer report on things like Russia, so they’ve been reduced to reporting on Obama’s jeans.
That’s right…jeans.
CNN recently published a really hard-hitting article, titled “Obama’s Jeans Game Gets Stong(er).”
Much like the American people, CNN knows they’re finished, and rather than attempting to salvage their shattered reputation and rebuild, are now putting out pop-culture drivel.
CNN was widely mocked online Wednesday after publishing an article praising “Obama’s jeans game.”
CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett wrote a piece for CNN Politics titled, “Obama’s jeans game gets strong(er),” chronicling how he’s chosen to wear more fashionable jeans.
Here’s some of the responses:

The same day @brianstelter moans about "anti-journalism" bias, @CNN publishes an article about how @BarackObama looks handsome in jeans.
@CNNPolitics Oh good! We're off Russia and onto, of all things, Obama's jeans. Great reporting! 
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