FUN FACT : EVERY Candidate Bernie Has Endorsed, Including Ossoff, HAS LOST

John Ossoff’s humiliating defeat, where he underperformed polling averages by 4% keeps Bernie’s streak alive.
Of course, this is a streak nobody would ever want.
Every single candidate Bernie Sanders has endorsed has LOST.
Is a Bernie Sanders endorsement the kiss of death?
Bernie has endorsed 7 candidates since the November election that have all lost while ZERO that have won.
  1. Keith Ellison for chair of DNC
  2. James Thompson for U.S. Representative
  3. Heath Mello for Omaha Mayor
  4. Steve Zimmer for Los Angeles School Board
  5. Imelda Padilla for Los Angeles School Board
  6. Anthony Eramo for NY Assembly
  7. Jon Ossoff for Georgia District 6 House
At what point will Democrats realize that getting an endorsement from a socialist who believes in wealth distribution, crippling taxes that would destroy the economy, and “free everything” is just not a viable winning strategy?

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