LOL : Social Media is Having Fun with the “Trump Orb” Moment

In a memorable photo-op moment, President Trump touched an “orb” during his visit to Saudi Arabia.
The internet immediately collectively lost their $hit.
Conservatives mostly thought it was just funny.
Paranoid liberals immediately saw it as a sign of “evil” as it conjured up comparisons to them of “Lord of the Rings” and other super villains.
Then again, most liberals are afraid of their own shadow.
Here are some of the MANY MANY memes online starring the new “Trump Orb.”

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*shock jock radio voice* Whoever keeps their hand on the orb the longest gets a BRAND NEW BUICK OLDSMOBILE

Bush was the kinda guy you could have a beer with, Trump is the kinda guy you could fondle the orb at Spencer's with
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