Michael Moore is Urging UNHINGED Liberals to “STORM” on July 4th

Celebrities have been blowing a lot of “dog whistles” for unhinged liberals, who are waiting in the shadows, consumed by misguided hatred for President Trump, all based off of fake news reports.
From Kathy Griffin’s ISIS-like beheading photo shoot, to Johnny Depp’s call for assassinating Trump, these celebrities are irresponsibly encouraging crazed and violent liberals to “action.”
Look what happened in Virginia, when a rabid anti-Trump “Bernie Bro” went on a shooting spree, specifically targeting Republican lawmakers.
What will it take for these clueless, low-info celebrities to tone down the rhetoric and start reigning in bloodthirsty liberals?
I’m convinced these people will not be happy until someone assassinates President Trump, otherwise, they’d stop this madness.
However, idiots like Michael Moore refuse to let up.
He’s now calling on unhinged liberals to “STORM” their senators’ offices.
Gee, I hope they leave the weapons at home.
Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to urge his followers to “rise up” by “nonviolently storming” the district offices of their senators this Fourth of July holiday.
On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell postponed floor debate on a Republican health care reform bill that had been scheduled to take place prior to the Independence Day recess.
Mr. Moore’s call to action came in the midst of a tweetstorm that began shortly after noon Eastern time.
“The Snakes of the Senate languishing in their pit, unable to attack the millions of sick, elderly &newborn. The Resistance lives to fight on,” he wrote.
“They now scurry home 2 ‘celebrate” the birthday of the country & its people they despise so much. They’ll quietly regroup w/ rich backers…,” he added a minute later.
“I call upon EVERYONE to observe this 4th of July week by nonviolently storming the local offices of your Senators, pack town halls, RISE UP!”
“THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY,” Mr. Moore said minutes later, apparently concluding his lunch-hour tweetstorm.
“If just one person is being denied health care then we are all denied. We are all being attacked! ALL HANDS ON DECK!”
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