Trump Supporters React to the House Passing Kate’s Law

On Thursday, the House passed Kate’s Law.
The law is named after Kate Steinle, an American woman, who, on July 1, 2015, was shot to death by an illegal who had been deported numerous times, in San Francisco, California.
The House passed a total of 2 bills today, which will go a long way in cracking down on illegal immigration.
One of the bills will deny federal grants to sanctuary cities.
The other bill, known as “Kate’s Law,” will severely punish deported aliens who illegally return to the United States.
The timing of the passing is bitter sweet.
Saturday is the 2-year anniversary of Kate’s death.
Trump supporters, who have rallied long and hard for this bill, took to Twitter to mark the occasion.
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After Being Fatally Shot By An ILLEGAL, Kate Steinle's Last Words Were "Help Me Dad"

This Was Preventable 
House Passes Kate's Law By Wide Margin, Includes 22 Democrats Voting "Yes" That's Counts as Bipartisanship 
Good news, House just passed . Hopefully Senate will follow.
@realDonaldTrump You made it a priority, Sir. If it weren't for your leadership  wouldn't have seen the light of day with Ryan.
Good news out of the House with the passing of 'No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.' Hopefully Senate will follow.
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