Trump Supporters React to Possible First Muslim Governor in Michigan

An Egyptian-American doctor with strong sentiments against President Trump is set to run for Governor of Michigan in 2018.
If successful, he will become the first Muslim Governor the United States has ever seen.

Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit, has been completely overrun with Muslim culture and Sharia law, erasing the blue-collar, American culture that had been there for generations.
It’s quite sad as you would not even know you were in America there.
In case you missed it, this video is a MUST WATCH:
This will only get worse if a Muslim mayor is elected, as Islamic migrants take over the state and become empowered by a governor who shares their views on Sharia Law where women are treated poorly and forced to be covered from head to toe.
Trump supporters have been very vocal on this predicament, you can see their reactions below:

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Muslim @AbdulElSayed is running 4 Gov of MI.He 'looks' Americanized but wife is sharia.He's a wolf in sheep clothing

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