2,000 Radical Violent Islamists Now Reside in Sweden

This is absolutely frightening.
Seemingly overnight, Sweden has become even more overrun with radical Islam.
It’s being reported that the country currently holds at least 2,000 radical and violent Islamists within its borders.
This is a shocking increase from 2010, when there were only 200.
As Europe continues its suicidal policy of importing massive amounts of unvetted Islamic refugees, it’s no wonder their crime rates are skyrocketing.
From Breitbart
Just seven years ago, Sapo claimed there were 200 violent Islamic extremists.
But today, they dominate the number of violent extremists with the agency noting that in total there are an estimated 3,000 violent extremists in Sweden, Göteborgs-Postenreports.
“We’re talking about 3,000 people, of which over 2,000 are violent Islamist extremists,” said Security Service Chief Anders Thornberg.
He added the majority of the rest of the violent extremists, 600 to 700 people, camefrom either neo-Nazi or left wing extremist backgrounds.
“We have to go through these environments to know what to prioritise and what are the main threats,” he added.
The numbers are a massive increase from 2010 when Sapo said there were only 200 violent Islamists and around 100 neo-Nazis and far left extremists.
Sapo now receives around 6,000 extremism related tips every month.
Five years ago, the number was 2,000.
Many of the tips come from the public whilst others come from foreign intelligence agencies.
“It is important that everyone in Sweden takes responsibility to stop this development,” Thornberg said, “before we get an attack or act of violence we do not want to happen.”
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