Actor Dean Cain BATTLES Deranged Liberals to Defend Old Glory

It’s great to see a celebrity who doesn’t subscribe to the left-wing insanity these days.
Dean Cain is a true patriot, and he’s not afraid to show it.
When left-wing rag,, released a disgusting request for Americans to fly their flags upside down to protest President Trump on the 4th of July, Cain hit them back hard!
In a visit with Fox & Friends, Cain sharply denounced the request, calling it “insane,” and continued to defend our flag, and everything it stands for, at great length.
Actor Dean Cain was having none of a Fourth of July post from, which advocated Americans fly their flags upside down in protest of President Donald Trump.
The article published by the liberal website on the July 3, advocated for Americans to fly their flags upside down because the country is in distress. The writer argues:
Independence Day is America’s birthday. This July 4 will be the first with Donald Trump as president of the United States. The country is in distress. Donald Trump and the Republican Party are largely responsible.

The United States is a country that is truly in distress. I offer the following proposal. On this first Independence Day under President Trump, people of conscience and true patriots should fly the American flag upside down, as a collective signal of our national distress.
The former “Lois & Clark” series actor Dean Cain visited “Fox & Friends” to issue a full-throated condemnation of the article.
On the show Cain called the request “insane,” saying it denigrates the people who fought and died for the symbol of freedom.
It’s just another example of a whole group who don’t want to accept the results of the election. They are upset with it, they don’t like that president Trump is in office and they do anything to oppose him even denigrate the world’s most well known symbol of freedom.
I find that insane.
Listen, I didn’t vote for Barack Obama. I didn’t support his policies. But he was my president. He won the election fair and square. And I rooted for him to do well. People just won’t do that with President Trump. It’s unfortunate … I’m flying my flag right side up.
Too many people have fought and died for that symbol and for our freedoms.
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