After Being EXPOSED as Fake News, LOOK Which CNN Host FLED Twitter

I guess Alisyn Camerota can dish out the fake news, but she sure can’t handle the backlash.
Undercover phenom, James O’Keefe from “Project Veritas,” placed a crew of his reporters deep inside CNN.
While there, they blew the lid off the fake news organization, exposing the Russia “witch-hunt” which, according to CNN producers and on-air talent, is “bullshit” and a “nothing-burger.”
In one segment, O’Keefe also exposed New Day host Alisyn Camerota for her “selective editing” of a piece featuring a group of Trump supporters.

O’Keefe was able to get his hands on the unedited film, which showed the horrific “hit job” CNN pulled on the Trump supporters, in order to paint them as paranoid, low-info lunatics.
CNN heavily edited the piece to tell a completely different story than what really happened.
O’Keefe called Camerota out, and in turn, she freaked out from the backlash and left Twitter.

A quick search of her handle, reveals she did indeed delete or deactivate her account.
This is the video that triggered Alisyn into leaving Twitter.

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