After Being Polite Day One, Merkel Finally LASHES OUT at Trump

Well, we knew the polite handshakes and pleasantries would only last so long.
After being cordial day one, Angela Merkel is LASHING OUT at Trump once again.
Her gripe?
President Trump’s smart decision to NOT go along with the scam Climate deal
Why would Trump go along with an agreement that was really just a front for wealth distribution away from the U.S. to other nations?
God knows Obama would have literally BOWED to Merkel’s demands.
Luckily, times have changed.
From LATimes
German Chancellor Angela Merkel once again singled out the United States for criticism Saturday for walking away from the Paris climate agreement, saying that she “deplores” the decision and that she does not believe the Trump administration is open to returning to the deal to reduce international carbon emissions, as President Trump has said.
The United States was alone at the G-20 summit in dissenting from the group’s climate resolution.
Leaders from the 19 other countries around the table in Hamburg agreed that the Paris climate agreement is “irreversible” and will take steps to implement the accords “as soon as possible,” said Merkel, who holds the chair of the summit this year.
The issue highlighted the cold reception that President Trump’s vision of American self-interest, denial of climate science and threats to throw up trade barriers received at the conference of 20 of the world’s wealthiest countries.
As she has before, Merkel called on European countries to step into the vacuum that Trump is leaving on the world stage.
“We as Europeans have to take our fate into our own hands,” she said.
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