After Postponing Her Testimony, People Want to Know WHAT is Susan Rice Hiding???

On Monday, Susan Rice somehow weaseled out of testifying before Congress on her unmasking controversy.
It’s a complete mystery as to how she squirmed out of this…
Perhaps she needed more time to make up more lies?
Now, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan is wondering what Rice may be hiding, and speculating that Congress let her off the hook.
The fact is, despite the desire of the American people to see corrupt elites brought to justice and held accountable for their criminal behavior, it is extremely rare for anyone in “the club” to ever be punished for their actions.
Career political “elites” are simply not held to the same standards as the average American, and they know it, so they operate with impunity and have no problem rubbing it in our faces.
These people look after one another, regardless of political affiliation, and their brazen crimes usually go unpunished, so they don’t even bother trying to hide how corrupt they are.
This is why we need to “Drain the Swamp” of these elites, who think themselves above the law, if we ever want to accomplish anything in America.
Rice was originally set to testify in front of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on Tuesday.
Jordan, who is a member of that committee, said last week that he was looking forward to the testimony because “the American people want to get the truth on all these issues.”
After learning of the hearing being postponed, Jordan told The Daily Caller, “It is important that Susan Rice testify before Congress without any further delay.”
“I’m beginning to wonder if she has something to hide,” he said.
Rice, the national security adviser under Obama, was going to be asked questions about reports that she requested the unmasking of Trump campaign associates.
“Some have said that [Rice] was the individual who abdicated her responsibility and unmasked the identities of the President’s campaign staff to the media,” Rep. Jordan said.
“If this is the case, she needs to answer our questions as to why she did so.”
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