Anti-Trump “Julius Caesar” Director Calls on Artists to Take More Risks

The director of the “Julius Caesar” play, which featured President Trump/Caesar stabbed to death, thinks that is apparently a “good thing for the arts.”
This hack is now calling on artists to take more risks to fuel the “Trump Resistance.”

As left-wing violence against conservatives continues to escalate, the media, Hollywood, and other forms of “the arts” are doubling down on their violent rhetoric.
From Breitbart
“We can’t allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed. We can’t allow ourselves to feel we’re completely isolated. We’re not,” Oskar Eustis, artistic director of The Public Theater, toldthe Associated Press.
“We’re speaking for the majority of the country and we need to draw strength from that and step out and take the risks that will really fulfill the arts’ historic function,” Eustis said.
Performances of the controversial play, which began in late May, sparked national outrage over the bloody stabbing of a blond hair and business suit-wearing Caesar character meant to resemble President Trump.
Companies, including Delta Air Lines and Bank of America, pulled funding from the theater while several protesters rushed on stage during the play to protest what they called political violence against the President.
Eustis defiantly insisted that the uproar over his play was due to “completely slanted, biased reporting on a photograph and video tapes” of the production.
“The NEA being forced to distance themselves from our production is a very sad commentary on how incredibly vulnerable they feel as a federal agency. I don’t have any criticism for them at all. They are fighting for their life,” Eustis said.

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