As Ratings TANK, Liar Don Lemon Says “CNN IS JUST FINE!”

CNN would lie when the truth would sound better.
Even after being thoroughly humiliated and busted for LYING, CNN doubles down and continues with the lies, even in the aftermath of horrific public backlash.
Anti-Trump sycophant and race baiter Don Lemon is claiming CNN is “just fine.”
Really, Don?
That’s not what the ratings say.
So, yet again, CNN LIES even when the TRUTH is staring everyone in the face.
On Thursday’s “CNN Tonight,” anchor Don Lemon argued that President Donald Trump was the United States’ biggest purveyor of fake news and that CNN was “just fine.”
Lemon said, after playing a clip of Trump criticizing CNN in Poland earlier in the day, “[T]he biggest purveyor of fake news is the president, in this country, because he does it a lot.
Number two, CNN is just fine. And number three, he would not have turned to the Polish president and asked that question had he known what just happened with the press in Poland.”

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