Behar Breaks the Tie as The View “Vote” Hits a New Moral Low

The View is officially desperate, not that we all didn’t already know that.
On Friday, all the libtard ladies voted on which administration member President Trump would “throw under the bus” next.
The vote came down to a tie between Jared Kushner or Don Jr., which Behar broke by choosing Don Jr., saying that Ivanka is his “favorite.”
Do these idiots seriously have nothing else to talk about?
The worst part is, these vile liberals are getting paid extravagant sums of money to spew this garbage, completely unchecked.
The show has morphed from a “safe space” for butt-hurt liberals into an all out propaganda outlet, which doesn’t even attempt to stick to any semblance of facts or truth; it is driven entirely by “emotion,” as is the norm with the left today.
This disgusting program has spiraled into new lows in the past few months, and showcased levels of left-wing degeneracy and indecency that were previously unheard of.
From Joy Behar’s obsession with President Trump’s sex life, to the general hateful anti-Trump rhetoric which is espoused every episode, The View has done a remarkable job of highlighting just how sick liberals in America have become.
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