Bill De Blasio Using $16 Mil in Taxpayer Funds to Pay for ILLEGAL Alien Lawyer Fees

Bill De Blasio is designating $16 million in taxpayer funds to pay for illegals’ lawyer fees.
Meanwhile, the subways in New York are being held together by zip ties as infrastructure falls apart.

This is absolutely absurd.
From Breitbart
De Blasio earmarked $16 million in his budget proposal in April to pay the legal fees of people in the Big Apple illegally — part of a broader push from de Blasio to remove any serious distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.
Yet that budget, to be finalized this week, comes as the city’s commuters are struggling more than ever.
Horror stories of delayed trains and commuters being stuck in carriages for hours are becoming daily fare in New York news outlets.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency Thursday after a train partially derailed this week, injuring commuters. Cuomo pledged more money and reforms to help fix the crumbling system.
Also this week, a commuter spotted that their subway carriage was held together by zip ties.

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Zip ties used on the undercarriage of a this standard? How often are these checked for wear and tear? @MTA@NYGovCuomo @ABC7NY

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