Bill Gates Gives a Chilling Warning on Merkel’s Open-Door Migrant Policy

Europe is officially going down the tubes.
They are, as a whole, slowly being eaten alive by Islamic refugees, yet they continue the suicidal policy of importing massive numbers of unvetted migrants.
Terrorism is running rampant, crime rates are through the roof, rape is commonplace, Sharia law is openly practiced, and European culture is being erased entirely.
In Germany, Angela Merkel has opened the floodgates to Islamic migrants, and one can argue that she’s the true culprit for this mess that’s spread through Europe.
Bill Gates points out that if more and more migrants come in, Europe physically will not be able to handle it.
Throughout Europe, Islamic migrants have completely taken over large portions in sever countries, establishing violent “no-go” zones, areas in which the indigenous people and the police dare not tread.
From Infowars
Bill Gates has blasted Germany’s open-door migrant policy warning European leaders they must make it more difficult for North Africans to reach the continent.
The Microsoft founder and world’s richest person said Europe will not be able to handle the huge numbers of people desperately trying to leave Africa.
This comes as Austrian tanks have moved to seal off a vital border with Italy as over 84,000 migrants from North African have reached Italian shores this year – a 19 per cent increase from last year according to the UN.
Speaking with German news outlet Welt am Sonntag newspaper, US billionaire Gates, 61, said developed nations should instead be spending more on foreign aid to treat the causes of migration.
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