Bill O’Reilly ROASTS Media “Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It”

Bill O’Reilly is letting the lying, fake news media know exactly what he thinks of their disgusting behavior.
Weighing in on the biased and unfair treatment of President Trump by the liberal media, O’Reilly was quick to point out that once the tables were turned, the press tried to play the victim.
“The lords of the press can dish it out, but when it comes to taking criticism, they have a major problem with that equation, don’t they?”
Bill went on to bash the treatment of conservative employees by the left-leaning media corporations like CNN, and discussed the levels of anti-Trump sentiment found in the majority of the media.
Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly may not be on prime-time television anymore. But that isn’t stopping him from weighing in on what’s happening in the U.S.
O’Reilly, who is known for his rugged political commentary, took it to the media in a recent editorial for The Hill
He wrote:
The lords of the press can dish it out, but when it comes to taking criticism, well, they have a major problem with that equation, don’t they?
Over the Independence Day weekend, there were dozens of press displays lamenting President Trump’s attacks on media people who he believes don’t treat him fairly.
While there is no question that Trump is hammering his detractors in very personal ways, why is anyone surprised? As a presidential candidate, he routinely denigrated his opposition by using schoolyard descriptions, and ultimately he vanquished them.
Then O’Reilly mentioned how he was at odds with Trump when the candidate took a shot at him during the campaign, but O’Reilly was still fair with him:
So why would he change his maverick style now?
On live TV during the campaign, Donald Trump told me I should see a psychiatrist because I was too “negative.” So what? I continued to cover him fairly and retained access, even though I criticized him when I felt it necessary. But I based my analysis on facts, did not cheap-shot him, and did not quote anonymous sources that made him look bad.
I was straight with Trump and, in return, he was straight with me.
Early in the campaign, I told candidate Trump on camera that the national press would eventually attack him in very personal ways. I don’t think he believed me because, at the time, he was getting an amazing amount of television news coverage due to the fact that his presence brought ratings. Back then, he and the CNN crew were almost buddies.
O’Reilly went on to say that there are two levels to the hate-Trump media movement. “First, the national press corps largely believes he is not qualified to run the country and his flamboyant personal style offends the media elite who consider him to be a vulgarian. The second level is pure ideology. Under President Obama, the United States lurched left in a dramatic way.”
He continued, “Political correctness became the order of the day, and conservative thinkers were branded racists and bigots simply for opposing liberal policies. The press encouraged that massive deception, and the demonization of selective conservative individuals became acceptable. Groups funded by people like George Soros have actually organized into propaganda hit squads using a sympathetic media to spread their vicious invective.”
The former Fox News host called out media companies for being so biased that they don’t even allow conservative views in the workplace. “There is intense pressure within media companies to conform to the anti-Trump movement. If you dare to wear a ”Make America Great Again” hat and are employed at CNN or other liberal news agencies, your career will be over. There is zero tolerance for dissenting political opinions or balanced coverage in much of the national media these days.”
In addition, O’Reilly made it clear that he wants Trump to hit back at the press with facts, not tweets. He says that if Trump can do that, he will win the battle against the media, a media that is no longer seeking “the truth” in its reporting.
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