BLOOD MONEY : Look Who’s POURING Shady Funding to Democrats

By now, everyone’s heard of George Soros.
The decrepit, evil billionaire communist, who was a former Nazi, is straight out of a comic book, and almost seems to enjoy his reputation as an super villain.
The problem is, most people DON’T know about his son, Alexander, who is just as wicked and corrupt as his father, but much younger.
In fact, it turns out that Alexander Soros, who pushes the same demonic open borders and chaos as daddy George, is donating more money to the Democrats than his father.
George Soros is older than dirt, and all the money and black magic in the world can’t keep him alive much longer, but Alex is young, making him far more dangerous in the long run.
Wherever chaos, turmoil, and violence are found, you can guarantee to find a member of the Soros family sponsoring it.
Americans would do themselves a huge favor by familiarizing themselves with Alexander Soros, and doing everything possible to make sure his wicked influence is exposed.
Alexander Soros, son of liberal billionaire George Soros and the managing partner of Soros Brothers Investments, gave $33,900 to the Democratic National Committee, according to Federal Election Commission records.
The $33,900 donation from Alexander Soros to the DNC, the maximum amount that can be given to a national party in a calendar year, was made on April 28, records show.
Alex also provided a $2,700 contribution to Friends of Maria, the campaign committee of Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell (Wash.), and $1,000 to Ossoff for Congress, the campaign committee of failed Georgia Democratic candidate John Ossoff this year.
Alex has outpaced his father in political giving to Democratic campaign committees so far this cycle.
George Soros provided a $2,700 donation to Sen. Cantwell’s campaign and a $1,000 contribution to John Ossoff, filings show. – READ MORE
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