Bob Dole “Strong American Leadership Being Restored by President Trump”

President Trump represented the United States beautifully while overseas in Europe for the G20 Summit.
He’s the first president in a verrrryyyy long time to put forward an “America First” agenda on the foreign stage.
The former Republican senator, Bob Dole, took note of Trump’s performance in Europe, and stated that “strong American leadership” has been restored by the president.
Bob Dole heaped praise on President Trump for what he described as the restoration of “strong American leadership” put on display during his trip to Europe over the past few days.
Calling it a “successful trip” overall, Dole, a former Republican senator from Kansas who ran unsuccessfully for president in 1996, singled out Trump’s speech in Warsaw, Poland, as being particularly important.
In a statement Saturday, Dole described the speech from Wednesday as “one for the ages, a vital, eloquent, and stirring articulation of the values and shared goals that bind us together with the Polish people, and with millions of others around the world who seek to live in freedom.”
Trump received a warm welcome in Poland, which stands in contrast to the massive protests that awaited him later in the week at the G-20 summit in Germany.
In his speech Trump not only addressed NATO, of which Poland is a part, and Russia, but also spoke about defending western civilization.
“We cannot mistake the significance of Poland and the great Polish people in the history of the struggle for human liberty,” Dole said.
“The message was desperately needed at this time from our American president and we are grateful for it and for the manner in which he delivered it.”
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