Body Language Expert Reacts to G20 – Look Who She Says WON

According to a body language expert Judi James, President Trump showed “friendliness but Superior Status” at the G20.
Whether you believe in this type of analysis or not, it’s pretty entertaining.
From TheSun
Vladimir Putin drew the body language equivalent of a “weapon” when he pointed his finger at a “dominant” Donald Trump at the G20 summit.
Body language expert Judi James claims the US President “nailed” the historic handshake with the Russian leader and proved his superior status with a double-handed fist-pump at the event in Germany.
The firebrand property tycoon ‘dominated’ the Kremlin strongman with a double handed first pump
Vladimir Putin points his finger at President Trump which is the body language version of a weapon, claims Judi James
While speaking with The Sun Online, she said: “If this shake were a prize fight, and it nearly was, I would have awarded a points victory to Trump.”
She added: “The gap was a sure sign of the pressure felt by both men at that moment but as Putin raised an almost wary-looking hand for the shake Trump leaned forward with an outstretched arm and offered his hand palm-up.
“This is an infamous power-trap and Putin had no option but to put his hand into the clamp.
“Once there he suffered an underarm-patting from Trump that made him look like the dominant leader, so much so that Putin responded with a pointed finger, which is the body language equivalent of drawing a weapon.
“Trump looked far more at ease here and the pose ended with Putin standing with his hands folded on the table while Trump continued to lean across the gap and pat him on the back.
“If Trump wanted to show friendliness but superior status I have to say he nailed it this time.”
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