BOMBSHELL : Podesta Emails Expose Hillary’s Money Laundering Scheme

This is HUGE!
The WikiLeaks Podesta emails have exposed a money-laundering scheme that gained Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign hundreds of millions of dollars.
This is a direct violation of FEC campaign financing laws and regulations.
From Infowars
During the campaign, the Clinton campaign violation was suspected by Politico and charged by Bernie Sanders, yet the FBI under Trump continues to turn a blind eye.
To understand the Clinton campaign money-laundering scheme, we need to understand the Clinton campaign realized that top-dollar millionaire and billionaire Democratic Party donors wanted to contribute several hundred thousand dollars to Hillary’s campaign, but were constrained by limits to individual and spousal contributions set by FEC campaign funding laws and regulations.
For instance, in an email exchange in November 2015, Podesta expressed irritationthat the Clinton campaign wanted him to “hit up his clients” to contribute $33,400 per person, or between $66,000 to $100,000 per couple, to attend a Hillary Victory Fund event in New York City, joining Hillary and Bill Clinton for dinner, in an “intimate evening” designed to feature “a memorable performance” by Sting.
Other celebrity events involved the Democrats charging $353,000 for an April 16, 2016 dinner for two seats at the head table with Hillary Clinton, actor George Clooney, and Clooney’s wife, attorney Amil Clinton.
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