BOMBSHELL REPORT : U.S. May Utilize Neutron Bombs Against North Korea

According to a new bombshell report from Infowars, the U.S. may be close to finally taking action on North Korea in the form of a deadly neutron bomb.
Time will soon tell if this report proves to be accurate.
One thing is for certain, something needs to be done to stop Kim Jong Un before it’s too late and innocent lives have been lost.
From Infowars
The US, China and Russia are threatening military action against North Korea, which could include neutron bombs capable of low yield thermonuclear payloads designed to maximize lethal radiation in the immediate area of the blast while minimizing the physical damage.
The Pentagon considers neutron bombs as the only practical nuclear weapon in existence because they won’t ensure the mutual destruction of state actors.
USA Russia and China prepare to hit North Korea with Neutron Bombs! 

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