BREAKING : 7 Anti-Trump Activists ARRESTED at Trump Tower Chicago

Let’s hope these radical leftists from Greenpeace face some serious jail time due to their illegal and dangerous act. This is from
According to a lawsuit filed on May 31, 2016, Greenpeace is “a global fraud” that has “fraudulently induced people throughout the United States and the world to donate millions of dollars based on materially false and misleading claims about its purported environmental purpose and its ‘campaigns’ against targeted companies.” The suit says “maximizing donations, not saving the environment, is Greenpeace’s true objective.”
From ABCNews
Seven protesters were arrested Friday after unfurling a banner from Chicago’s Trump Tower that targeted President Trump’s position on climate change.
The activists, who were from Greenpeace, hung a banner which featured an image of the earth and the words “defend” and “resist.”
“THIS is what peaceful, nonviolent creative resistance looks like,” Greenpeace tweeted.
Another tweet read, “The people of Chicago are all about resisting!”
“The Trump administration is attacking our communities & our planet. We will #RESIST!” read a subsequent tweet.
According to The Associated Press, the activists attempted to pull the banner to the 25th floor of the tower, where a 20-foot “TRUMP” sign is attached, but they didn’t manage to do so.
In a statement released earlier in the day, Greenpeace said “activists with Greenpeace USA are at Trump International Hotel in downtown Chicago, preparing to send a message that the Trump Administration can’t ignore.”
The AP, citing Chicago Police, reported that charges are pending against the activists, five males and two females.
And on Saturday morning, Greenpeace also targeted the president in Hamburg, Germany, where he is attending the G-20 summit. Activists from the group scaled a bridge and unfurled a banner that read “G-20: End Coal.”
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