BREAKING : Another BIG WIN for Trump on Deportations!

President Trump is winning big when it comes to keeping criminal illegals out of this country!
The Trump Administration has increased their campaign to deport criminal illegals by getting countries to stop blocking the transfers and take them back.
The countries refusing to take back these illegals has now been cut in half.
That’s YUGE!
Led by its success in getting Iraq to shift gears, the administration is looking to cut the number of “recalcitrant nations” even further as it speeds up the arrest of illegal immigrants and visa overstayers who have criminal records.
“It is big news. It shows that some of these countries see that they can’t get away with stiff arming us anymore, that there will be consequences,” said Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said the Obama and Trump administrations, in a combined effort from the departments of state and homeland security, have cut the number of recalcitrant nations in half.
“Working with our partners at the Department of State, ICE has made significant progress over the past year to improve cooperation on removals – including reducing the number of recalcitrant countries from 23 in May 2016 to 12 in May 2017,” an ICE official told Secrets.
“The recent agreement with the government of Iraq is one example, and we will continue our efforts to encourage greater cooperation.”
While some consider forcing recalcitrant nations to take U.S. deportations low-hanging fruit, the foreign governments can be stubborn.
As a result, the Trump administration has decided to play hardball, as in the case of Iraq, which got off the president’s travel ban list partly by ending its policies of barring the return of criminals.

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