BREAKING : The DC Swamp Just Made it Obvious Who they Favor in 2020

More and more signs are pointing to Democrats running rude, inexperienced, and out-of-touch freshman Senator Kamala Harris in 2020.
I mean, how can “victim card” embracing Democrats pass up to chance to play the “race card” AND the “woman card” at once?
A big indication of Kamala being seriously groomed is her recent trip to the Hamptons.
Harris was there and guess who else? Yup, Hillary.
And who else? Hillary’s DONORS.
From Town Hall
Since Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) arrived in Washington, DC she’s repeatedly denied any suggestion that she’s interested in greater national exposure or higher office, but she’s taken every opportunity to have the spotlight shine on her and to cast herself as a core #Resistance fighter.
On Saturday the first-term senator increased her familiarity with the Acela corridor and the big pockets lining it, courtesy of Hillary Clinton and her money people, when she was “fêted in Bridgehampton…at the home of MWWPR guru Michael Kempner, a staunch Clinton supporter who was one of her national-finance co-chairs and a led fund-raiser for her 2008 bid for the presidency.”
Page Six also reported that Liz Robbins, a Washington lobbyist, was holding a separate fundraising lunch for Harris in the Hamptons.
Of the fundraising jaunt, a “Democratic insider” told the gossip column:
“Kamala is the big Democratic star right now, at a time when they badly need a star. She’s coming to the Hamptons to meet key people as she takes a national stage, and expands her influence and ambitions.”
Like the President, Kamala is a Twitter power user. She rallies her troops by calling out imagined sexism and parroting progressive talking points. Like her mentor Hillary, she can unironically send tweets like this:

In the middle of a timeline filled with tweets like these:

And, on the eve of a confiscatory “large capacity” magazine ban going into effect in California, which was started while she was Attorney General, she tweeted this:

Since 2013, when Barack Obama gushed about Harris’ looks like a third-grader with a crush (but, amazingly, was not called a misogynist or a creep for doing so), Democrats have looked to Harris to save their party from old white men and women like Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. Her statements and actions, from a conservative perspective, border on idiotic at times, but the last thing Republicans should do is underestimate her.
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