BREAKING : Jackass San Fran Judge DEFIES Trump to HELP Illegals

Yet another liberal jackass judge has decided to take it upon himself to defy not only our America First president, but the very will of the American people.
This one man, this insignificant nobody, has chosen to fight against all the hard work President Trump is doing to keep us safe, and is putting Americans at risk by catering to illegal alien criminals.
U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick is taking up for illegal aliens over the safety of American citizens and the order of his president, and trying to undermine President Trump’s sanctuary cities order.
The ones who will suffer for this fool’s decision are the hardworking American people, whom he could not care less about.
Clearly these left-wing, SJW dumbasses are only focused on “resisting” President Trump, and not at all concerned with the safety and wellbeing of the people they’re supposed to represent.
Getting tired of these “activist” judges yet, America?
From Fox News
In a seeming act of defiance toward the Trump administration, a federal judge in San Francisco has refused to reinstate the president’s sanctuary cities order.
The bold move to not reinstate President Donald Trump’s executive order — which sought to slash funding to cities that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities — comes amid a battle between the State Department and local governments across the country over the edict from Washington.
The U.S. Department of Justice had asked U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick to reverse his own injunction in April against Trump’s executive order. The injunction was issued in response to lawsuits by San Francisco and Santa Clara County in California.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions wrote a memo in May saying the executive order should be applied narrowly to a small number of grants and to very specific violations of immigration law. The memo said cities that “willfully refuse to comply” with federal law could lose grants from the Justice and Homeland Security departments, but not other federal funding.
The Justice Department said the memo negated the need for Orrick’s injunction
Orrick said he found Sessions’ memo unconvincing, asserting it would allow the attorney general to reverse his stand at any moment.
The judge’s injunction stops enforcement of the executive order across the country, and allows the lawsuits to go forward.
And Orrick’s refusal to reverse it strikes another blow to Trump’s attempt to punish cities that give safe haven to those in the country illegally.
On Friday, Sessions is scheduled to visit Philadelphia, where officials have said its local law enforcement will not act as immigration agents — a stance Sessions has challenged as unconstitutional.
During a speech to law enforcement officials in Las Vegas, Sessions recently singled out Philadelphia, saying the City of Brotherly Love is “advertising” its policy and “protecting criminals.”
Sessions’ trip comes on the heels of a New York Times interview published this weekin which Trump expressed frustration with Sessions for recusing himself from the FBI probe into Russian influence on the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
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