BREAKING : Liberals are OUTRAGED Over the Location of the First Trump Wall Section

Planning work on the first section of the Trump border wall has begun in a stretch of border near McAllen, Texas.
This was a hotbed for Obama era crossings and construction could begin as early as January 2018. Liberals are of course outraged because they think a wildlife refuge should be a good enough reason to have a gaping hole in our borders for illegal criminals to come through at their leisure.
From Infowars
Work on the first section of the Trump border wall was started on federally-owned land in South Texas, according to a media report.
Anonymous federal officials closely associated with the project confirm that discreet planning has been in-progress for over six months, and construction could commence in January of 2018 on a nearly three mile stretch of barrier that would run through the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge near McAllen, Texas, which was a hotbed of illegal crossings during the Obama administration.

“The structure would consist of a concrete base, which would serve as a levee, and be topped with a fence made of steel bollards, similar to a levee wall built almost a decade ago near Hidalgo, Texas,” writes the Texas Observer. “The proposed plans call for building a road south of the wall and clearing refuge land on either side of the wall for surveillance, cameras and light towers.”
Leftists are already gearing up to fight its construction by claiming the wall will supposedly “destroy the refuge,” an argument which places the health and welfare of plants and birds above those of American citizens who are the victims of criminal illegal immigrants on a daily basis.

“We’re going to come up with a plan and do everything we can to stop it,” Congressman Filemon Vela (D-TX) told the Observer. “The Rio Grande Valley isn’t rural Texas anymore. It’s a metropolis of 1.2 million people on this side of the river and 2 million on the other side. These refuges are sacred from an environmental standpoint. There’s so little protected land left and we need to do whatever we can to save it.”
The House Appropriations Committee approved $1.6 billion to be allocated for border wall construction earlier this week – a decision that was met with praise from President Trump.
“Big WIN today for building the wall,” he tweeted. “It will secure the border & save lives. Now the full House & Senate must act!”

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