BREAKING : Mass Voter Fraud Cover Up in Colorado

As President Trump’s voter integrity commission works hard to verify our voting system in America is fair, some warning flags have been raised in Colorado.
Voter registrations are being withdrawn at an alarming rate.
Those red flags likely signal voter fraud.
Imagine what they’d find in the states like Virgina and New York, who are refusing to cooperate?
Several county clerks in Colorado said they’ve seen hundreds of people withdraw their voter registrations following the state’s announcement that it would comply with President Trump’s voter fraud commission.
In Denver, a spokesperson for the Denver Elections Division said 180 people have withdrawn their registrations in the county since Monday, according to a Denver Channel report.
In Arapahoe County, which contains the city of Aurora, at least 160 people have withdrawn their registrations since July 1.
The counties normally see fewer than 10 withdrawn registrations in similar time frames.
Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams said last week he would submit the registrations requested by the Trump administration.
Numerous states have said they won’t comply with the request for voter registrations, which include the last four digits of Social Security numbers and other identifying information. CNN reported earlier this week that 44 states refused to comply with the request by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who serves as vice chair of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.
Kobach disputed that number Wednesday, saying only 14 states and the District of Columbia have refused.
Kobach has asked every state and the District of Columbia for voter registration data including the names, addresses, birthdays, the last four digits of Social Security numbers if available, voter history, and other personal information, the Kansas City Star reported.
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