BREAKING : Merkel No Longer Considers U.S. “Friends,” OFFICIALLY Removes Word

The fragile “friendship” between Angela Merkel and President Trump was doomed from the start and now it’s official.
Angela Merkel’s party officially removed the word “friend” in referring to the United States in a joint program for the 2017 election.
She still refers to the U.S. as a “partner” however.
Of course it’s not surprising that it’s difficult for the two nations to be “friends” when their leaders have such opposite world views.
President Trump wants to promote making the U.S. an economic powerhouse again, while Angela Merkel is busy trying to turn Germany into the world’s largest dumping ground of poorly vetted Islamic migrants.
German Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s conservative party referred to the United States as a “”partner” in a joint program for the 2017 election, a downgrade from “friends.”
Reuters reports that the 2013 program called America Germany’s “most important friend” outside of Europe and called the U.S.-German relationship a “cornerstone” of Germany’s foreign relations. It additionally talked about removing trade barriers to strengthen ties between the two nations.
Instead, Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party and its sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), referred to America as Germany’s “most important partner” and talked about America’s support for Germany following World War II and in the lead-up to German reunification instead of reducing trade barriers.
The program, which details the party’s platform leading up to the Sept. 24 election, also echoes a line Merkel gave in Munich following the May G-7 summit where Trump criticized Germany for being “very bad” with trade.
“The times in which we could fully rely on others are, to a certain extent, in the past. We Europeans must take our fate into our own hands more decisively than we have in the past,” the program said, according to Reuters.
The program also appears to suggest that Europeans can “take our fate into our own hands” by strengthening relations with other EU nations, and the program contains a section called “Germany and France as the Motor of Europe.” The program says, “We are ready, together with the new French government, to further develop the euro zone step by step, for example through the creation of its own monetary fund.”
U.S.-German relations have been strained since Trump’s remarks at the G-7 summit and his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Following the summit, Merkel made a speech in late May in which she said the U.S. is no longer a reliable ally.
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