BREAKING : SCOTUS Deals Trump Immigration VICTORY!

On Wednesday, the SCOTUS delivered President Trump a victory in his legal battle over his common sense travel ban.
Trump’s administration can now restore the strict limits on so-called “refugees,” which an Obama “activist judge” in Hawaii blocked.
This is a massive victory, not just for President Trump, but for the safety of Americans everywhere.
As left-wing, appointed judges seek to undermine our president, they send the very loud and clear message that they simply do not care about Americans’ lives, who are at risk from allowing Islamic migrants into our country, nor do they give a damn about the will of the American people.
Over the past year and a half, the average American has woken up to the dangers these liberals’ “pet” Muslims pose to our safety; it only takes a bit of reading about the mess Europe is in to see what a horrible idea allowing these people into the country.
After incidents like the shooting in San Bernardino, the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, the Boston Marathon bombing, and so many more, it is unbelievable that these twisted liberals are still trying to force us to accept hordes of third-world Islamic migrants who refuse to assimilate and bring with them violent radicalism.
The American people said “NO WAY” to that when we voted for President Trump, and these scumbag liberals had better start respecting our decision…
The Supreme Court dealt President Trump a partial victory Wednesday in the legal battle over his travel ban, allowing the administration to restore strict limits on refugees that were blocked last week by a federal judge in Hawaii.
The win for Mr. Trump, however, was tempered by the high court’s decision to uphold the same judges’ ruling that exempted grandparents and other relatives of U.S. citizens from the administration’s travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries.
Both decisions are temporary, and the case is headed to the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for a full review.
The administration appealed to the Supreme Court after Judge Derrick Watson ruled last week that refugees on file with U.S. resettlement agencies and grandparents qualify for exemptions from the travel ban for people with “close” relationships to U.S. citizens.
Three of the nine justices on the high court — conservatives Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Neil M. Gorsuch — said they wanted to grant Mr. Trump’s request in full.
Josh Blackman, a law professor at South Texas College of Law, said the refugee issue was the more important part of Wednesday’s decision.
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