BREAKING : Trump DESTROYS Dems and Media for Double Standards in EPIC Tweet

Nobody can call out the lying media and seditious Democrats quite like President Trump, and today, he is living up to his reputation yet again.
After nonstop attacks on both he and his family, Trump is fed up, and he’s taking the gloves off.
The president took to Twitter this morning, blasting the liberal media for the disgustingly blatant double standards they have, specifically looking the other way for Democrats, such as they did for crooked Hillary Clinton.
Trump’s words are especially true in this instance, as Hillary’s numerous crimes were not only ignored by the liberal media, but spun by them in order to protect her.

As the lying liberal media continues to push a false “Russia collusion” narrative, that nobody believes or cares about, their bias and double standards become increasingly obvious, and the American people are fed up with them.

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