BREAKING : Trump SLAMS Dems for Obstructionist Agenda

Ever since the inauguration of President Trump, Democrats fought every decision he’s made, and refused to cooperate with him on anything.
Living up to their party’s mascot, the jackass, Democrats have dug their heels in and completely abandoned any efforts to work for the best interests of America.
Instead of helping the country, liberals have doubled down on their childish, divisive rhetoric, and behaved like spoiled children, and America is quickly getting sick of their antics.
Now, President Trump is calling them out on their obstructionist behavior, after he took took to Twitter and fired off a scathing tweet against the useless and pathetic Democrats in the Senate.

As elected Democrat officials continue their embarrassing, disgusting trend of “resisting” not only our president, but the very will of the majority of America, it is no wonder that they are unable to win ANYTHING.

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