BREAKING VIDEO : 70 Injured in Chaotic G20 Riots in Germany

Germany is an absolute disaster.
Ever since Angela Merkel made the incredibly stupid choice to open up her borders to over a million poorly vetted Islamic migrants the country has been in a downfall.
Now total chaos has taken over the streets as mass riots have broken out.
Germany should never be allowed to host the G20 again.
From DailyMail
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has hit out at protesters after chaos in the city of Hamburg as thousands of demonstrators clashed with police on the day the G20 summit opened.
US First Lady Melania Trump was earlier trapped inside her hotel after rioters firebombed a police station and set cars and buildings alight in the German city.
Police have called for reinforcements after tens of thousands of protesters descended on Hamburg, causing chaos.
President Donald Trump was forced to take a detour because of the widespread disorder.
Merkel said she could understand peaceful protests, but demonstrations that ‘put peoples’ lives in danger, put the protesters’ own lives in danger… are unacceptable’.
Shocking footage shows smoke billowing from vehicles as the city hosting the G20 summit looked like a warzone.
German police confirmed this morning that the police station had been targeted by ‘perpetrators of violence’, as thousands of officers flood the streets anticipating violent demonstrations.
It comes after more than 70 people were injured in clashes between riot police and anti-capitalists last night, with a march named ‘Welcome to Hell’ descending into chaos.
This morning Hamburg police used a water cannon to clear a blockade by protesters ahead of the opening of the summit.
Watch the video:
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