Chelsea Handler Gets ROASTED on Twitter After Spreading Debunked Fake News

Chelsea Handler is one of those celebs who should shut up, and stick to “acting” or whatever it is she does.
However, like most clueless elites, she lacks self-awareness and thus continues to pop off, spouting misinformation, fake news, and liberal propaganda garbage.
That’s precisely what happened when Handler, trying to be an SJW warrior, blasted “Paul Ryan” for the “speaker dress code,” claiming it was sexist.
First off, she got the dress code wrong.

But beyond that, she also got the entire premise of the “dress code” wrong.
It has been in effect for eons (Nancy Pelosi enforced it) and was not “created” by Paul Ryan.
Needless to say, Handler was “handled” handily on Twitter by people with ACTUAL knowledge.

Notice how Handler makes an “Arab” reference?
Yet, these are the same people who support Linda Sarsour, who pushes for hijabs and Sharia Law.

The left are such clueless hypocrites.

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