Chris Cuomo ATTACKS Trump Supporters on Twitter but it BACKFIRES Spectacularly

CNN fake news peddler and master of promoting “anonymous sources,” Chris Cuomo, had the audacity to take to Twitter to attack “faceless” Twitter users who criticize his fake news organization.
CNN, along with a host of other fake news outlets, have been pushing a PHONY Trump-Russia collusion story for about 10 months now, using “anonymous sources” to puff up their lies and push their fake narrative, one which is designed to take down President Trump and bolster their sagging ratings.
Somehow, this approach is acceptable to smug elitists like Chris Cuomo.
But, according to the lying media, hiding your real face and name online is somehow unacceptable now?
Really, CNN?
After CNN and other fake “news” outlets have spent the past two years creating and fostering an atmosphere of hate and violence against Trump supporters, can you BLAME people for hiding who they are?

After Cuomo tweeted this hogwash out, he was INSTANTLY destroyed online.

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