CNN Anchor Tries to Get TRUMP BANNED From Twitter Today

Jackass CNN “fake news” anchor, Brian Stelter, was so offended by a light-hearted and funny tweet that he not only yammered about it on his low-rated CNN show, he also reported the tweet to Twitter, trying to get President Trump banned.
The same media that has spread fake story after fake story is now making “NEWS” out of a “meme” on Twitter.

CNN is a clown show.
Stelter claims THIS is “violent.”
Watch the video:

Gee, did Stelter care THIS much when GOP House members were gunned down by a bloodthirsty liberal shooter?
Was he THIS outraged over a play depicting the ASSASSINATION of President Trump?

No, he was not, and that is yet another reason why CNN, the “Fraud News Network,” is a joke and no one with any sense takes them seriously.
The hypocrisy is absurd.
Watch the video:

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