CNN Crybaby Jim Acosta Claims Trump’s Press Conference in Poland is “Fake”

Good grief…
Will Jim Acosta ever stop complaining?
Now, “Crying Jim” Acosta is accusing the press conference President Trump held in Poland as being “fake.”
Acosta says that the presser is fake because Trump called on a Daily Mail reporter during the conference, and alleges the reporter is an “ally of the White House.”
In recent weeks, CNN’s Acosta has become known for his highly publicized feud with the White House over its handling of the lying media.
CNN correspondent Jim Acosta suggested President Trump’s press conference Thursday in Poland was a “fake news conference” because he called on a reporter who is an “ally of the White House.”
During the press conference, Trump chose Daily Mail reporter David Martosko, who has publicly said he spoke with Trump about a possible White House job, to ask a question.
Martosko asked Trump about potential military action against North Korea and also about the fallout of the president’s tweet that included a video of him tackling a man with a CNN logo for a head. 
Isn't it a "fake news conference" to take a question from a reporter who is essentially an ally of the White House? 

Reacting on Twitter, Acosta said, “Trump finally held a news conference overseas. But he took a question from a friendly reporter and then attacked CNN as ‘fake news.'”
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