CNN Gives Anonymity to Russia “Sources,” UNMASKS Citizen Over a MEME

CNN is involved in yet another scandal.
This time, they’ve tracked down the so-called creator of a harmless, funny “WWE Tweet” that President Trump tweeted, depicting him “body-slamming” a CNN logo.
CNN was SO BUTT-HURT over this meme, that their “ace” reporters used CNN’s vast resources to UNMASK the reported “15-year-old” kid who created it, and then proceeded to extort an apology out of him after they threatened to OUT he and his family.
There’s a lot of rich hypocrisy here…
CNN will go to bat for their FAKE NEWS anonymous “Russia sources,” which we now know is “bullshit” (according to a CNN producer), they’ll hide their identities, but HUNT DOWN a private citizen who made a damn meme, and threaten he and his family.
That is our “mainstream media.”
This is not a news organization.
It’s a crime syndicate.
From Breitbart
Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to point out the hypocrisy that CNN has displayed in the #CNNBlackmail scandal.
Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on the scandal surrounding a report from CNN journalist Andrew Kaczynski about the creator of an anti-CNN meme. Trump Jr. retweeted political blogger Omri Ceren’s post which pointed out that CNN has relied on anonymous sources, who they have staunchly defended and refused to name, for the majority of their claims relating to possible ties between President Donald Trump and Russia.
“CNN reporters now going after anonymity,” Ceren said in his tweet. “CNN has relied on [anonymous] sources for dozens of nonsense Trump/Russia stories, [including] retracted stories.”
The president’s son retweeted Ceren, adding, “Interesting point…Seems they want the best of both ways as always #CNNBlackmail.”
CNN has come under fire after it was revealed that the news network discovered the identity of a Reddit user that created a gif of Trump wrestling CNN to the ground. The news agency stated in their article that the Reddit user had apologized and agreed not to post any more content to social media but declared, “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”
Soon after, #CNNBlackmail trended on Twitter as users interpreted CNN’s statement as a possible threat to out an anonymous meme creator.
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