CNN in FRANTIC “Damage Control Mode” After HUGE BACKLASH Over “Extortion”

Earlier today it was revealed that CNN had HUNTED DOWN the person responsible for the silly Trump video viral video.
Of course CNN used the word “discovered” to try to make their sickening investigation into a private citizen who committed NO CRIME seem more palatable.
However it was what CNN did AFTER that has DISGUSTED everyone who has heard the story.
CNN found out he was embarrassed and wanted to remain private, and they told him they would keep the story private AFTER he apologized to them.
But they also THREATENED him and said they would reserve the right to change their mind and reveal his identity to the world if they chose to.
Note the DISGUSTING veiled threat below.
CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

After a MASSIVE backlash over their disgusting (and possibly illegal) threat to a private citizen who simply made a funny viral video, the already disgraced and beleaguered CNN had no choice but to backpedal and frantically go into “damage control mode.”
Suddenly, the Mexican drug lord styled threat is being explained away as simply being “misinterpreted.”
According to CNN’s Kaczynski they were just reporting that no agreement was made.
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