CNN Producer Just Admitted He Uses Threats and Bullying to Silence People Online

CNN Producer Donie O’Sullivan has just admitted that he uses threats and bully tactics to silence people who disagree with him online.
This revelation comes on the heels of CNN being accused of “blackmailing” a 15-year-old Trump supporter who created the funny and harmless “Trump/WWE” meme, where President Trump is depicted “body slamming” a CNN logo.
O’Sullivan took to Twitter to proudly BRAG that he digs up personal contact info on the so-called “trolls” who disagree with him, and then threatens to expose them if they don’t stop.
Is he using CNN resources to get people’s private information?
We demand to know how he is unmasking Twitter users.
What O’Sullivan is doing is called “doxxing” and breaks Twitter’s Terms of Service.
This also goes a long way in shining a bright light on the type of bullies and thugs that work at CNN, and the type of nasty tactics they will use to silence anyone who disagrees with them. has asked CNN producer Donie O’Sullivan to explain his process of “doxxing” Twitter users.
We’ll update this developing story if additional information becomes available.
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