CNN’s “Crying Jim” Acosta Forced to GROVEL and Praise Trump after G20

CNN’s Jim Acosta has been one of the most vocal anti-Trump “reporters” since the election, and now he’s having to bend the knee and kiss the ring.
“Crying Jim” has been badmouthing President Trump since the beginning, and has thrown several temper tantrums over CNN’s treatment by the White House, while being overly critical of the president’s every move.
Now, after labeling Trump a “tyrant” for so long, Acosta has been forced to admit that the president does, in fact, listen to critics, after Trump called out Russian President Vladimir Putin at their meeting.
As CNN continues to take a beating in the ratings, having been exposed thoroughly as the fake news propagandists they are, it’s worth wondering if they’re now trying to walk back some of their blatant bias against our “America First” president.
Trump-bashers abound at CNN, but the network’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta has been distancing himself from the pack there almost since the day the president was sworn in.
President Trump’s feud with the network is so strong that he takes it overseas with him on official visits now, slamming CNN from afar.
Of course, most of the Trump noise offered by CNN and others has regarded Russia and the election last year, so it was somewhat surprising to hear Acosta offering what appeared to be praise for the way the president conducted himself while meeting with Putin on Friday.
While cautioning that “…I think we’re going to have to be careful here,” about exactly what went on in the meeting based on what is known so far, Acosta told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that “it does appear President Trump was listening to his critics” about confronting Putin.
Acosta also noted that it was “a lengthy exchange” and that Vladimir Putin “denied” having meddled at all in last year’s U.S. presidential election.
Acosta, who has a pinned tweet on his Twitter page that says, “We are real news Mr. President. #realnews” kept a rather dispassionate play-by-play of the Trump-Putin meeting as it was being relayed by the press pool. His account of the meeting finished with this:
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