Confirmed! Meet Trump’s First Official 2020 Challenger

Mean girl, and unqualified freshman Senator Kamala Harris, was recently showered with money at a fundraiser with Hillary Clinton’s donors.
During that fundraiser, it was determined that Harris was “absolutely” running for president in 2020.
Gee, just when you think the Democrats couldn’t find a meaner, more out-of-touch woman than Hillary, they go and prove you wrong…
From Breitbart
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is “absolutely” running for president, according to one fundraiser, after Harris raised money among former Hillary Clinton supporters at a fundraiser in the posh Hamptons in New York last weekend.
The Hill reports:
The Bridgehampton event, where Harris mingled with top donors and supporters of Hillary Clinton, was the ultimate signal that Harris is “thinking much bigger” than the Senate, one top bundler said.
“She’s running for president. Take it to the bank,” another fundraiser said. “She’s absolutely going to run.”Donors say Harris is giving them a glimmer of hope when they need it the most.
They see the former prosecutor-turned-California attorney general as embodying the qualities a Democratic presidential candidate would need to win the White House in 2020.
They also see the 52-year-old African-American woman as a fresh face.
The Hill also describes Harris’s recent viral videos, in which she is rebuked by the chair in Senate committee hearings for interrupting and badgering witnesses, including Cabinet members.
Reporter Amie Parnes adopts Democrats’ spin on those exchanges, writing that Harris “was twice shushed by Republican senators.”
The 2020 Democratic primary is likely to be a crowded field, though the party’s bench is rather shallow. Popular choices among the party’s base — such as Harris and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) — embrace far-left positions and have little governing experience or success.
The poor recent record of Democratic candidates at the state level has also left the party with few successful governors from which to draw talent to a presidential ticket.
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