COWARD Senator Who Helped Kill Healthcare RUNS from Reporters

This is absolutely infuriating, and it should speak volumes as to who these elite politicians REALLY are.
After essentially sticking the final dagger in the GOP healthcare bill, Senator Jerry Moran, a “Republican” from Kansas, ran from reporters and literally jumped over subway tracks to escape.
…All while laughing, a stupid grin plastered on his face as he leapt over the rails like a petty thief evading justice.
This guy didn’t give a damn about the American people, all he wanted to do was undermine President Trump, and look out for his elite buddies and whatever special interests they care about.
These people are supposed to work FOR US, but instead, they serve themselves and their elite friends.
They live a life of luxury, while the rest of us struggle to survive, while these very same wealthy elites PLAY with our tax dollars.
The fact that this coward not only ran from his despicable actions, but LAUGHED about it, is disgusting.
Kansas Republican Sen. Jerry Moran, who helped kill the GOP health care replacement effort, ran from reporters on Capitol Hill Tuesday by jumping on the subway tracks.
Moran announced late Monday night that he would not vote for the Senate version of Obamacare replacement, effectively killing any chance of passing the bill.
When reporters tried to confront Moran on Capitol Hill Tuesday afternoon, he jumped onto the subway tracks to avoid them.

Sen. Moran made the leap with a huge grin on his face.

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