Delusional Jill Stein Claims She Played a “Critical Role” in the 2016 Election

Some of you may remember Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who caused a minor ruckus after the 2016 presidential election, when she demanded a recount of the 12 votes she received.
Jill Stein recently said she played a “really critical role” in the 2016 election.

Apparently, receiving only 1% of the popular vote is considered “critical.”
In reality, Stein has absolutely no weight in politics, especially considering that most Americans can’t even remember who she is.

 “Really critical,” was her response.
She elaborated on that point by discussing frustration with the election’s two leading candidates from the major parties, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
“I think if there’s anything to regret in this election, it’s the fact that the American people were given the two most disliked and untrusted candidates in our history. They were clamoring for more voices and more choices,” Stein said, adding that she was the leading voice for progressive platforms like a $15 minimum wage after Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was defeated in the Democratic primary.
“I think the regret is that we had a toxic election with a toxic result,” she said.
Stein said there has been progress to some degree to alleviate this issue, pointing to Maine’s approval of a ranked-choice voting system for state and federal officials.
“You can rank your choice knowing if your first choice loses, your vote is automatically reassigned to your second choice. That would eliminate the whole kind of lesser evil thing that so many people locked into,” she said.
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