Democrat STOOGE Eric Holder gets REAMED after Attacking Trump

Eric Holder, Obama’s stooge and toady, has been popping his head out of the gutter to take potshots at President Trump a lot lately.
It seems Holder thinks he has something to gain by this, many have speculated he’s eyeing a Presidential run in 2020, but regardless of his motives, he’s succeeding in doing nothing but highlighting the pathetic nature of the Democrats.
Holder, who experienced failure after failure as Obama’s crony, has a lot of nerve talking about the “integrity” of Robert Mueller, a man who’s blatant bias against Trump is practically tangible.
Rather than attempting to show an ounce of dignity or decency, Holder’s anti-Trump rhetoric has gotten increasingly vicious in recent months, as he relentlessly stirs the pot and attacks our president.
This man has absolutely no room to criticize President Trump, as his “master” Obama disgraced American day after day, while sycophants like Holder enabled him and contributed to the mess our country is in now.
Holder thought he would get more support for his crybaby rant on Twitter, but it did not go as planned…

Trump supporters quickly fired back, reminding Holder what a loser they think he is, and how little they care about his butt-hurt, whiny BS.
Maybe the dumbass should learn to keep his mouth shut, stay off Twitter, and stop attacking President Trump, because America never had any respect for him to begin with, now we flat out hate him.

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