Desperate Libs Attempting New Strategy to Keep Voter Fraud Secret

The Democrats are in a full-blown panic over President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission.
They are investigating the integrity of elections in the U.S., by determining exactly how many illegals are voting in our elections.
And by the looks of things, there’s a lot, because Democrats are in a tizzy.
So much so, that liberal organizations are SUING the commission to prevent exposure.
Say what?
The people who are supposedly OUTRAGED over possible “Russian interference” in our presidential election, suddenly don’t care about local integrity?
That doesn’t jive, does it?
From Breitbart
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who serves as vice chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, talked with Breitbart News Daily on Friday about efforts by groups like the ACLU and NAACP to prevent his commission from doing its work.
Kobach described the Commission on Election Integrity as “the first-ever nationwide bipartisan body investigating voter fraud in America.”
“You’ve got secretaries of state like me who have extensively investigated voter fraud in my state of Kansas and found a significant amount of it, but never have you had a commission of this nature,” he told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow. “Its work is so important because surveys show only 40 percent of Americans think elections are fair in this country.”
“The first meeting was an important one,” he said. “We heard a significant amount of evidence already, including the fact that there are at least 938 criminal convictions for election crimes since approximately the year 2000 across the country. There may be more. That’s an effort to catalog all of the convictions recorded in newspapers across the country.”
“We also charted the course for what other forms of voter fraud will be studied in the future, what the full menu is going to be for the commission in the coming year,” he added.
Kobach said that “inaccuracies in our voting rolls” will be among the issues the commission will study carefully.
“There are literally millions if you count the voting rolls of all 50 states, millions of individuals on those voting rolls who are either deceased individuals who have not been removed. According to the Pew Foundation, they estimate it’s 1.8 million, and they say that’s a low estimate. That’s just an estimate based on their sampling,” he said.
“We’ll also be looking at the number of non-citizens on the voter rolls,” he continued. “There we don’t have as many estimates out there by people who are using survey methodology, but I’m guessing the number is probably going to be very big, certainly I would think in the hundreds of thousands, but we’ll find out what that number is.”
“We’re also going to be looking at election day voter fraud, whether it be by people voting the identities of other people – either a dead person or a person who’s not voting – or people voting in two jurisdictions at the same time. We’ve seen a lot of that in Kansas. We’ll be looking at the claims by opponents of photo ID that it somehow depresses turnouts at elections if you have security measures in place. So a lot of really important things that have been at the center of public debate in this country for several years now, we’ll be putting some facts on the table,” he promised.
Kobach estimated that roughly a dozen states, including his own Kansas, have “strict voter ID laws” in place.
You can read more here.
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