Don Jr DESTROYS “Desperate” Media as Trump Supporters Cheer

Like father, like son!
Donald Trump Junior has been on an absolute Twitter rampage recently, and he’s showing no mercy to the lying mainstream media after their relentless attacks and lies about the Trump family.
Don Jr. knows Americans are fed up with the lying press and their ridiculous obsession with the Russian fake news, and he’s hitting back hard.
As the liberal media and Democrats frantically try to keep the Russia story alive, they are now honing in on Donald Trump Junior and a meeting with a lawyer who just so happens to be Russian, yet another “nothing burger.”
Don Jr. accurately summed it up in one tweet, saying “If this nonsense meeting is all they have after a year, I understand their desperation!”

Trump supporters, who are also sick the lying media’s Russia-themed propaganda, celebrated as Don Jr. slammed the ridiculous story, and those who push it relentlessly

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