Don Jr’s Independence Day Message has the Trump Train CHEERING!

Donald Trump Junior’s Independence Day tweet to America has Trump Supporters and patriots everywhere cheering.
This 4th of July is a very special occasion, especially since it is the first time in 8 yearswe have had a president who truly loves America and her people, unlike BarackObama and his America-hating wife.
President Trump has breathed fresh air into the desperate country, which had been bled dry and beaten down by Obama’s anti-American sentiment.
Now, Americans everywhere are feeling safer, more relieved, and starting to feel a sense of pride, patriotism, and nationalism that had all but disappeared under Obama.
What better way to celebrate America’s birthday than supporting our “America First” president and his patriotic family?

Trump supporters were quick to let Donald Junior know how much they appreciated everything his family has done for America.

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