Eric Bolling SLAMS “Disrespectful SOB” Bill de Blasio, “Don’t Come Back”

Eric Bolling of Fox News had some strong words for the disgraceful commie NYC Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, for his participation in the G20 protests.
Bolling shredded de Blasio for speaking to “far-left goons” overseas while the NYPD grieves for the murder of slain officer Miosotis Familia.
Eric went on to rip the disgraceful de Blasio further, calling him a “self-dealing clown,” and a “disrespectful SOB of a mayor,” all of which was well deserved.
As the wannabe social justice warrior de Blasio courts left-wing radicals in Germany, his city is reeling from the murder of a heroic police woman, prompting Bolling to end his statement by telling de Blasio to stay in Germany and not to return to the United States.
During the Friday episode of “The Fox News Specialists,” host Eric Bolling castigated New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio for speaking to “far-left goons” in Germany while the New York Police Department mourned the assassination of Officer Miosotis Familia.
In a scathing rebuke of de Blasio’s trip, Bolling described the mayor as a “self-dealing clown”:
“Stop flattering yourself, Bill. You’re not a social justice warrior. You’re not a progressive for the people. You’re a despicable, self-dealing clown who traveled to Germany to feed your need for cameras and microphones. I pray your liberal pals recognize the hole in your soul and never vote for you for anything other than lamest human being on the planet. For that, you’d win by a New York mile.”

 De Blasio, Bolling said, was a “disrespectful SOB of a mayor” because he spent time speaking to liberal protesters rather than attending to events pertaining to his police force.
According to the New York Post, de Blasio traveled to serve as a keynote speaker for a demonstration outside of the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.
Bolling concluded his segment by telling de Blasio not to come back to America.
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