FBI Intensifies Their Probe Against Jane Sanders

According to reports, the FBI is ratcheting up the investigation against Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane.
Jane Sanders is under investigation for defrauding a bank while president of a local college.
Looks like Bernie is going to have to hold off on buying that fifth house…

A state official received a subpoena for a grand jury, and the FBI interviewed a half dozen people with links to Burlington College in recent weeks.
The subpoena requires the individual provide to a grand jury documentation related to the ongoing investigation of Sanders for alleged bank fraud, James Foley Jr., a lawyer representing the unidentified state official, confirmed to The Washington Post Monday.
Former trustees for the now defunct college also confirmed to The Washington Post lawyers representing Jane Sanders interviewed the former school officials to learn what they might reveal to investigators.
Prosecutors have reportedly taken dozens of boxes of school documents related to Sanders’ time at the college in the past month.

Sanders served as president of Burlington College from 2004 until 2011 and is blamed for leading the school into bankruptcy by falsifying a loan application.
Sanders retained counsel in June to defend herself against the allegations.
As part of an ambitious plan to boost enrollment at the college during her tenure as president, Sanders had the college take on $10 million in debt to purchase a piece of land to expand the campus.

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